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China embassies and consulates in Australia

AUS - Flag

Population: 21,515,754
Area: 7,741,220 sq km
Ethnic groups: white, Asian, aboriginal
Religions: Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church, Presbyterian and Reformed, Eastern Orthodox, other Christian
Languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Arabic
Capital: Canberra
Country Phone Code: +61
Currency: Australian dollar

Chinese embassy in Canberra Australia

Website: http://au.china-embassy.org/eng/
Email: chinaemb_au@mfa.gov.cn
Ambassador: Mr. Chen Yuming
Address: 15 Coronation Drive, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Canberra Australia
Tel: +61-2-62734780
Fax: +61-2-62734878, 62735848

Consular & Visa Office
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00, Monday-Friday
Tel: +61-2-62734783, 62737443
Fax: +61-2-62739615 (For urgent affairs)

Political Office Fax: +61-2-62731882

Cultural Office
Address: 6 Terrigal Crescent, O'Malley ACT 2606 Australia
Tel: +61-2-62862588, 62862465-212, 213, 214, 215 or 216
Fax: +61-2-62901898
Email: chinaembassy_culture@bigpond.com

For Parliament Press Matters
Tel: +61-2-62735842, 62734780-212
Fax: +61-2-62735653

Scientific & Technological Office
Tel: +61-2-62734786
Fax: +61-2-62735504
Email: chinast@chineseembassy.org.au

Education Office
Address: 6 Dalman Crescent, O'Malley, ACT 2606, Canberra
Tel: +61-2-62869982, 62864351, 62868941
Fax: +61-2-62901652
Email: jdzhang@sino-education.org.au
Website: http://www.sino-education.org.au

Economic and Commercial Office
Tel: +61-2-62734785, 62734780 Ext. 252, 277, 299, 301
Fax: +61-2-62734987
Email: au@mofcom.gov.cn
Website: http://au.mofcom.gov.cn

(updated: Jul. 13, 2012)

Chinese consulate in Melbourne Australia

Website: http://melbourne.china-consulate.org
Email: info@chinaconsulatemel.org
Consul General: Mr. Shi Weiqiang
Address: 75-77 Irving Road, Toorak VIC 3142, Melbourne
Office Hours: 08:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00 Monday-Friday
Fax: +61-3-98220320

Consular & Visa Office
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00, Monday-Friday
Address: 534 Toorak Road, Toorak, VIC 3142, Melbourne
Tel: +61-3-98220604(Visa, Passport, 9:00-12:00 man answer available), 98043683 (Consular Affairs)
Fax: +61-3-98246340

Chinese Visa Application Service Centre (Melbourne CVASC)
Address: Ground Floor, 570 ST. Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004
Mailing address: P.O.Box 7227, ST Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 8004
Office Hours: 9:00-15:00 (Monday-Friday)
Tel: +61-3-99372308
Fax: +61-3-99372337, 99372338
E-mail: melcenter@visaforchina.org
Website: http://www.visaforchina.com.au/MEL_EN/

Overseas Chinese Affairs, Consular Protection
Tel: +61-3-98043271
Tel for urgent Consular protection: +61-417114584, 408030426
Fax: +61-3-98229566

Duty Office on holiday
Tel: +61-3-98210208 (10:00-17:00)

Administrative Office
Tel: +61-3-98246450
Fax: +61-3-98220606

Protocol Office
Tel: +61-3-98220605
Fax: +61-3-98229566

Cultural Office Tel/Fax: +61-3-98221249

Educational Office
Address: 14 Selborne Road, Toorak, VIC 3142
Tel: +61-3-98275985
Fax: +61-3-98048603

Economic and Commercial Office
Tel: +61-3-98229415, 98246182
Fax: +61-3-98220329
Email: melbourne@mofcom.gov.cn
Website: http://melbourne.mofcom.gov.cn

(updated: Jul. 17, 2012)

Chinese consulate in Perth Australia

Website: http://perth.chineseconsulate.org
Email: chinacon@iinet.net.au
Consul General: Mr. Wang Yin'er
Address: 45 Brown Street, East Perth, WA 6004, Australia
Mail Address: PO Box 6831, East Perth, WA 6892
Office Hours: 9:00-12:30, 14:30-17:30 Monday-Friday
Tel: +61-8-92220333
Fax: +61-8-92216144

Consular Office
Office Hours: 9:00-12:00, Monday-Friday
Tel: +61-8-92220333, 92220321(14:30-16:00 weekday)
Tel for consular assistance: +61-8-92220302

Commercial Office
Tel: +61-8-92220311, 92220310
Fax: +61-8-92218933
Website: http://perth.mofcom.gov.cn

(updated: Jul. 18, 2012)

Chinese consulate in Sydney Australia

Website: http://sydney.chineseconsulate.org
Email: webmaster@sydney.chineseconsulate.org
Consul General: Mr. Duan Jielong
Address: 39 Dunblane Street, Camperdown, NSW 2050, Australia
Office Hours: 8:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00 Monday-Friday
Tel: +61-2-85958000 (Voice)
Fax: +61-2-85958001

Consular Office
Office Hours: 9:00-12:00 Monday-Friday
Tel: +61-2-85958002, 85958000(Voice)
Fax: +61-2-85958021
Email: visa.passport.sydney@mfa.gov.cn

Note: The Consulate General only accepts visa applications on an online booking basis, and the number of positions is limited. The vast majority of applicants are kindly requested to go to the Sydney CVASC.

Sydney CVASC (Chinese Visa Application Service Centre)
Address: Level 5, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Mailing address: PO Box 20516 World Squre NSW 2002
Tel: +61-2-94758800, 94758888
Fax: +61-2-92612088
E-mail: sydcenter@visaforchia.org
Website: http://www.visaforchina.com.au/SYD_EN/

Consular Protection
Tel: +61-2-85958029
Fax: +61-2-85958021

Protocol Office
Tel: +61-2-85958012
Fax: +61-2-85958011

Administration Office
Tel: +61-2-85958010
Fax: +61-2-85958011

Political & Press Office
Tel: +61-2-85958013
Fax: +61-2-85958031

Cultural Office
Tel: +61-2-85958040
Fax: +61-2-85958041

Science & Technology Office
Tel: +61-2-85958050
Fax: +61-2-85958051

Educational Office
Address: 19 Anzac Parade, Kensington, NSW 2033, Australia
Tel: +61-2-96981723
Fax: +61-2-96983368

Economic& Commercial Office
Address: 68 George Street, Redfern, NSW 2016, Australia
Tel: +61-2-96984498, 96987838
Fax: +61-2-96987373
Website: http://sydney.mofcom.gov.cn

(updated: Jul. 18, 2012)

Chinese embassy in Brisbane Australia

Website: http://brisbane.chineseconsulate.org
Email: Chinaconsul_bri_au@mfa.gov.cn
Consul General: Mr. Sun Dali
Address: Level 9, 79 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000
Mailing Address: PO Box 12126, George Street, Brisbane, QLD 4003
Tel: +61-7-32106509 Ext. 240
Fax: +61-7-32106517

Consular Office
Office Hours: 9:00-12:00 Monday-Friday
Tel: +61-7-32106509 Ext. 200
Fax: +61-7-32108096

Brisbane CVASC (Chinese Visa Application Service Centre)
Address: Part level 4, 140 Ann Street, Brisbane.QLD 4000
Mailing address: P.O.Box 12545, George Street, QLD 4003
Tel: +61-7-3031-6300
Fax: +61-7-3221-9388
Website: www.visaforchina.com.au
E-mail: bnecenter@visaforchina.org

Consular Protection Tel: +61-7-406318178 (24 hour)
Administrative Office Tel: +61-7-32106509 Ext. 240
Protocol Office Tel: +61-7-32106509 Ext. 227
Political Office Tel: +61-7-32106509 Ext. 229
Science and Technology Office Tel: +61-7-32106509 Ext. 230
Consul-General's Office Tel: +61-7-32106509 Ext. 227

Education Office
Tel: +61-7-32106509 Ext. 231
Fax: +61-7-32106394
Email: lwlchina2011@hotmail.com

Economic& Commercial Office
Tel: +61-7-32113681, 300330666
Fax: +61-7-30030668
Email: brisbane@mofcom.gov.cn
Website: http://brisbane.mofcom.gov.cn

(updated: Jul. 18, 2012)
I applied for a double entry visa to China (Beijing and Shanghai) on a cruise, but they only gave me one entry, charged me AUD$98.00.
I specfied and outlined/ highlighted the two cities clearly on the itinerary/map. when I went back to point out the mistake they made, they wanted a new process and charge me another AUD$135.00 It is day-light robbery to charge so much, especially it's their mistake. It is only correct that they waive the additional fee.
By: Lillian at Aug 19, 2014 - 18:41
Dear Sir / Madam,

I'm writing to you because I haven't found the answers I need anywhere on the net nor any website, and here's my case: my girlfriend and I are planning on going to China in April. She is Spanish and I am English and we are both travelling round Austrlia at the moment. We are both going to work as teachers in the same school and we are about to recieve the invitation letters from them. Now my question is, if we don't/can't go back to our countries now to apply for the vi
By: Sebastian at Jan 7, 2014 - 17:6
I sent my douments for applying back china certificate two weeks ago to the following address :14 Selborne Rd Toorak ,Victoria
Can U guests have a check if U have received it or not ,please ?I am very worried about it
By: Tina at Oct 14, 2013 - 19:29
Is there a way to get Visas for North Korea at any
Chinese consulate
By: Kamile at Feb 19, 2013 - 1:35
Hi, could you please give us details of trade show/expo we can see in China around the months of October, November. I would appreciate some feed back.
Thank you
By: Amanuel at Aug 5, 2012 - 8:37
my wife is from the solomons islandcan she get a visa from hong kong
By: stephen at Apr 28, 2012 - 15:37
hi my name is Daniella and i would like to learn some of your religion,art,music,culture and food. if possible could you please send me some posters, books, and brochures. if you can please email me and i will give you my details.
By: Daniella at Jul 26, 2011 - 21:23
my name is ashleigh and i am doing a project on australia and i was just wandering if you could send me some books,posters, brochures, and information because i would really like to learn more about china.....if you can, can you please email me if you can or not and if you can i will give you my address.
By: Ashleigh at Jul 26, 2011 - 21:17

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