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China Visa Information - Iceland

ISL - Flag

Population: 306,694
Area: 103,000 sq km
Ethnic groups: Norse, Celts
Religions: Lutheran Church of Iceland, Reykjavik Free Church, Roman Catholic Church, Hafnarfjorour Free Church, other Christian
Languages: Icelandic, English, Nordic languages, German
Capital: Reykjavik
Country Phone Code: +345
Currency: Icelandic kronur
Visa Application Form 2011A


Visa Application Form 2011B


Visa Fee (Icelandic kronur)

Icelandic passport
Single Entry: 9000
Double Entry: 13500
6 Months Multi-Entry: 18000
12 Months Multi-Entry: 27000

Other passport
Single Entry: 5000
Double Entry: 7500
6 Months Multi-Entry: 10000
12 Months Multi-Entry: 15000

Rush Service: 3000 (1 working day)
Express Service: 2000 (2-3 working days)

Note: The normal processing time is 5 working days

Important Notice

From 5th July, 2012, the Chinese Embassy temporarily have no Urgent or Express service for the applicants from these countries as follow,
Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Estonia, Czech, Austria.

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