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China embassies and consulates in Bulgaria

BGR - Flag

Population: 7,204,687
Area: 110,910 sq km
Ethnic groups: Bulgarian, Turk, Roma
Religions: Bulgarian Orthodox, Muslim, other Christian
Languages: Bulgarian, Turkish, Roma
Capital: Sofia
Country Phone Code: +359
Currency: leva

Chinese embassy in Sofia Bulgaria

Website: http://bg.chineseembassy.org/eng/
Email: chnemb_bg@live.cn
Ambassador: Mr. Guo Yezhou
Address: Str. Alexander Von Humboldt 7, Sofia 1113, Republic of Bulgaria
Fax: +359-2-9711081

Consular Office Tel: +359-2-9733947
Administrative Office Tel: +359-2-9733910
Defense Attache Office Tel: +359-2-9733874
Cultural Office Tel: +359-2-9733894

Commercial Office
Address: 13/F, 1, Alexandar Zhendov Str., 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359-2-9710239, 9710294, 9710295
Fax: +359-2-9712416
Email: bg@mofcom.gov.cn
Website: http://bg.mofcom.gov.cn

(updated: Sep. 25, 2012)

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