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China Visa Information - Thailand

THA - Flag

Population: 66,404,688
Area: 513,120 sq km
Ethnic groups: Thai, Chinese
Religions: Buddhist, Muslim, Christian
Languages: Thai, English
Capital: Bangkok
Country Phone Code: +66
Currency: baht
Visa Application Form 2011A


Visa Application Form 2011B


Holidays 2011

New Year's Day Jan. 3
Chinese Spring Festival Feb. 2-6
Makha Bucha Day Feb. 28
Tomb-sweeping Day Apr. 3-5
Chakri Memorial Day Apr. 6
Songkran Festival Day Apr. 13-15
Labor Day Apr. 30- May. 2
Coronation Day May. 5
Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day May. 13
Visakha Bucha Day May. 17
Dragon Boat Festival Jun. 4-6
Asarnha Bucha Day Jul. 15
Buddhist Lent Day Jul. 18
H.M. The Queen's BirthDay Aug. 12
Mid-autumn Festival Sep. 10-12
China National Day Oct. 1-5
Chulalongkorn Memorial Day Oct. 24
H.M. The King's BirthDay Dec. 5
Constitution Day Dec. 12
New Year's Eve Dec. 31

Documents Required

The original passport with a validity more than six months and enough blank visa pages;
One copy of completed visa application form in Chinese or English (two copies for US citizens), attached with one of the applicant's recent colorful front pictures of upper body (30mm X 40mm)

Specific requirements for various visas:

1 Travel Visa: If necessary, application for travel visa needs the certification of the applicant's identity, round-trip (vehicle, ship) ticket or travel check or bank saving statement or the documents related to multiple entries.

2 Visa for business, culture and academy purposes:

Single entry and twice entries need the following documents:
- Visa Notice Sheet from an authorized organization in China;
- Invitation letter prescribed by the chinese local government enterprises and institutions;
- Invitations for various kinds of fairs ( Guangdong Fairs, trade talks)

Multiple entries in half a year or one year need the following documents:
- The original Visa Notice Sheet from an authorized organization in China (prescribing the visa validity, times of entry and stay period);
- For investment in China, there is a need for the original business license in China attached with the name of the applicant and the corresponding photocopies (the original will be returned to the applicant after check);
- The applicants who are the managing personnel of the foreign companies which have already had branches in China need to provide the company's visa application letter and the invitation letter from the branches in China.
- If there are twice or more than twice visit to China with "F" visa before the application, the photocopies of "F" visa and the invitation letter from Chinese companies or enterprises are required.

3. Visit to China for study

Long-term Study (longer than half a year)
(1) To study at the primary or secondary level, the parents usually should reside in China. Otherwise, someone who resides in China should be entrusted as the guardian. The power of attorney should be notarized and authenticated by Thailand and attested by the Chinese Embassy. In addition, JW 101 or JW102 Form Stamped by an authorized institution and Acceptance Letter from a school are required.
(2) To study in a higher education institution, JW 101 or JW102 Form Stamped by an authorized institution, Acceptance Letter from a school, the original medical certificate issued by a state-run medical organization and the corresponding photocopy are required.

Short-term Study (for half a year or less than half a year):
The applicants should provide JW 101 or JW102 Form Stamped by an authorized institution and a Acceptance Letter from a school or an invitation letter from an authorized institution.

4. Employment
(1) The applicants who are going to China as Foreign experts, scholars, teachers, managing personnel or are employed by national or local organizations need to provide "Confirmation Letter for Inviting Foreign Experts", the original medical certificate issued by a state-run medical organization and the corresponding photocopy.
(2) The chief representatives or deputy representatives in a Chinese representative organization need to provide visa notice letter or cable from an authorized organization as well as the registration certification from the authority of Industry and commerce management.
(3) The staff members of the civil organizations (including trade, tourism and offices of the civil airlines) stationed in China according to the agreement between governments need to provide the official notes or letters.
(4) Applicants involving projects of aid to China or technical cooperation according to the agreements, treaties and projects need to provide visa notice or cable from an authorized organization, agreements, treaties, bilateral or multilateral cooperation and exchange project statements between the Chinese government and the foreign government or from the international organizations.
(5) Those who will be engaged in non-reward business or who will be provided with reward by an organization are treated as foreign experts and need to show the confirmation letter from the provincial foreign affairs office.
(6) Applicants who will go to China for commercial performance (except for cultural exchange between governments) need to provide "Temporary Permit for Industrial and Agricultural Performance" issued by the Chinese Cultural Ministry and the visa notice or cables from the governments of the related provinces, autonomous regions, direct administrative cities.
(7) The foreign technicians involving petroleum work in the sea need to provide " Invitation for Foreigners Engaged in Petroleum Operation in Sea in the People's Republic of China" issued by China Ocean and Petroleum General Company.
(8) The employees of the foreign organizations stationed in China are required to show the official notes.
(9) The applicants who are not covered by the above requirements and are invited to work in China should provide the visa notice or cable from an authorized organization and "Employment Permit for Foreigners in the People's Republic of China" issued by the Labor Ministry.

5. Transiting through China needs the official notes or the valid visa of the forwarding country or union tickets.

6. For J-1 or J-2 visa, there is a need for visa notice and cable from the related organization in China.

Visa of Macau & Hong Kong

Application for Hong Kong Visa

1. The Thai citizens holding valid passports will be wavered from visa with an aim of travel, visit to relatives, business investigation and conferences and staying in Hong Kong not over 30 days. If staying over 90 days or visiting Hong Kong for study, training, working, residing, and so on, the applicants must apply for visa in advance (The applicants can apply for visa directly from Hong Kong Immigration Department or from the Chinese Embassy or consulate general).
2. The other foreign citizens who intend to visit Hong Kong can go to the Hong Kong Immigration Department website:
http://www.immd.gov.hk/index.html. for details.

Application for Macao Visa

The citizens of 53 countries including Thais are wavered from visa for entering Macao. The other citizens not covered in the 53 countries can apply for a visa at the airport without needing to apply for visa in advance. See Website of Macao Special Administrative Region: Identity Certification: www.dsi.gov.mo for details.

Do i need a visa?

You need to apply for a visa unless you belong to the following categories:

(1) According to bilateral agreements, citizens of some countries (List of Agreements on Mutual Visa Exemption Between the P.R. China and Foreign Countries) holding appropriate passports may enter China without a visa provided that their stay in China shall not exceed 30 days from the date of entry into China. While in China, they should apply to the department concerned for the extension of the duration of stay in advance if they want to stay longer.

(2) Citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan holding ordinary passports may enter China without a visa through the ports of entry open to foreigners provided that they come to China for tourism, family visit, business or transit, and intend to stay in China for no more than 15 days. However, the following personnel of these 3 countries must apply for a visa in advance if:
a) They are holders of ordinary passports, and come to China for tourism, family visit or business, and intend to stay in China for more than 15 days;
b) They are holders of ordinary passports, and come to China for study, employment, permanent residence or on a news reporting mission;
c) They are holders of diplomatic and service passports;

(3) Foreigners holding ordinary passports of the countries having diplomatic relations with China and on a tour to Hong Kong and Macao, and participating in group tours to the Zhu Jiang River (Pearl River) Delta Area for a stay of less than 6 days organized by the travel services legally registered in Hong Kong or Macao shall not need to apply for a visa. The Zhu Jiang River (Pearl River) Delta Area refers to the administrative area of the 10 cities below: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Huizhou and Shantou.

(4) Foreigners who have confirmed onward tickets and seats on international flights and directly transit through China and stay for no more than 24 hours within the airport boundaries shall not need to apply for a transit visa.

(5) No visa is required for citizens of the following 20 countries, who transit through China via Shanghai within 48 hours, no matter what type of passports they may hold: Republic of Korea, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Schengen states -- Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

(6) Citizens holding ordinary passports of the following 19 countries and in group tours to Hainan Province for a stay of less than 15 days organized by the international travel services approved by the National Tourism Administration of China and registered in Hainan Province shall not need to apply for a visa: Malaysia, Thailand, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, the UK, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

(7) Personnel of foreign airlines Offices resident in China and crew members on international flight and trains are exempted from visa requirements or entitled to simplified visa application procedures in accordance with the agreements between the Chinese Government and the governments of their respective countries.

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