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China Visa Information - South Korea

KOR - Flag

South Korea
Population: 48,636,068
Area: 99,720 sq km
Ethnic groups: homogeneous
Religions: Christian, Buddhist
Languages: Korean, English
Capital: Seoul
Country Phone Code: +82
Currency: South Korean won
Visa Fees (Won)

ROK Citizen
Single Entry: 35,000
Double Entry: 53,000
6-Month Multiple Entry: 70,000
12-Month Multiple Entry: 100,000
Group Visa: 15,000

US Citizen
Visa: 170,000
Group Visa: 145,000

Romania Citizen
Single Entry: 85,000
Double Entry: 115,000
6-Month/12-Month Multiple Entry: 170,000

Serbia Citizen
Visa: 70,000

Other Country Citizen
Single Entry: 35,000
Double Entry: 53,000
6-Month Multiple Entry: 70,000
12-Month Multiple Entry: 105,000

Express Service: 24,000

Visa Application Form 2011A


Visa Application Form 2011B


Notice on visa application

Notice on visa application

1. From Sep. 1, 2007, the Consular Office of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea (ROK) will no longer accept individual applications for L (Tourist) Visa, F (Business) Visa, X (Student) Visa, Z (Work) Visa, G (Transit) Visa and so on. Therefore, citizens of ROK and other aliens in ROK have to apply for China visa (Hong Kong Visa is not included) through travel agencies authorized by the Embassy. List of the designated travel angencies: www.chinaemb.or.kr/chn/lsqz/ls_qz/ls_qz_13/t229558.htm

2. The Consular Office of Chinese Embassy in South Korea still accept the individual applications of the following people. (They can also apply for visa by the designated travel agencies)
(1) Diplomatic, service passport holder of South Korea;
(2) Ordinary passport holder with note issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of South Korea;
(3) Personnel and their relatives of other countries’ diplomatic missions, international institutes or organizations in South Korea;
(4) Correspondent visa applicants.

3. Note:
(1) Those who apply for Hong Kong visa and China mainland visa at the same time still need go to the Consular Office of the Chinese Embassy.
(2) The service fee charged by the designated travel agencies (the service means to apply and receive visa on behalf of the applicant) must not exceed 20,000 won.

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