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China Visa Information - Bangladesh

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Population: 156,050,883
Area: 143,998 sq km
Ethnic groups: Bengali
Religions: Muslim, Hindu
Languages: Bangla (official, also known as Bengali), English
Capital: Dhaka
Country Phone Code: +880
Currency: Taka
Visa Fees (Taka)

Bangladesh Passport
Single Entry: 2050
Double Entry: 2550
6-Month Multiple Entry: 3600
12-Month Multiple Entry: 6000

U.S.A Passport
Single, Double & Multiple: 9800

Third Country Passport
Single Entry: 1460
Double Entry: 2190
6-Month Multiple Entry: 2920
12-Month Multiple Entry: 4380

Hong Kong Visa
Single & Double: 1800

Expedited Service Fee: 1750

Visa Application Form 2011A


Visa Application Form 2011B


Notice for Hong Kong Visa (2010-02-10)

1. Bangladesh citizens will require a visa to enter Hong Kong for whatever purposes.

2. The following categories of Bangladesh citizens are exempted from visa to enter Hong Kong:
a. Holders of diplomatic or official passport who may visit HKSAR visa-free for a stay up to 14 days;
b. Holders of United Nations Laissez Passport visiting HKSAR or transiting through HKSAR to/from a third place for Official Purposes;
c. Operating aircrew and operating seamen on board vessels.

3. The following Bangladeshis including their accompanying spouse and children can apply for Visit Visa for a stay up to 14 days and Single-Entry or Double-Entry Transit Visa for a stay up to 7 days.
a. Government officials holding ordinary passports;
b. Prominent persons in the local society or business communities;
c. Employees of well-established or reputable organizations and companies including employees of multi-national companies, banks, financial and insurance entities, airlines/shipping companies and foreign organizations in Bangladesh;
d. Persons invited by the HKSAR Government or reputable organizations in HKSAR (e.g. the Hong Kong Trade Development Council).

The other Bangladeshi citizens may mail their applications for visas directly to the Immigration Department of the HKSAR (http://www.immd.gov.hk).

Visa Form Hong Kong


Visa Form Macao


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