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China Visa Information - United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates
Population: 4,975,593
Area: 83,600 sq km
Ethnic groups: Emirati, other Arab and Iranian, South Asian, other expatriates
Religions: Muslim, Christian, Hindu
Languages: Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu
Capital: Abu Dhabi
Country Phone Code: +971
Currency: Emirati dirham
Visa Fees (AED)

UAD Passport
Single Entry: 150
Double Entry: 225
6-Month Multiple Entry: 300
12-Month Multiple Entry: 450

USA Passport
Visa: 520

Romania Passport
Single Entry: 270
Double Entry: 370
6-Month Multiple Entry: 550
12-Month Multiple Entry: 550

Other Country Passport
Single Entry: 110
Double Entry: 165
6-Month Multiple Entry: 220
12-Month Multiple Entry: 330

Hong Kong Visa: 110
Express Service: 90 (2-3 working days)

Note: It usually takes 4 working days to process the visa.

Visa Application Form 2011A


Visa Application Form 2011B


Documents Required

1. Original passport with blank visa pages and validity of more than 6 months;
2. UAE resident visa valid for more than 6 months. (Excluding GCC applicants);
3. Application Form which must be completed neatly and signed by the applicant;
4. One passport photo (and the photos of the applicant's accompanying persons included in his/her passport if they plan to travel with the applicant.);
5. Copies of the data pages of the applicant's passport and UAE resident visa.

Other Documents

Business visa:
- A No-objection letter from the applicant's company;
- An invitation from CHINA with a copy of the inviter's license.

Tourist visa:
- A No-objection letter from the applicant's company stating his or her monthly or yearly salary;
- An invitation from CHINA either from a company, organization or individual with a copy of the company licenses or individual ID cards or passport & residence visa;
- Round-trip air tickets.

Visit visa:
- Copies of the kinship certificates (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate);
- Invitation from the applicant's relatives from China with a Copy of the relative's ID card or passport & residence visa;
- A No-objection letter from the applicant's company;
- Round-trip air tickets.

Methods of Application

Applicants are usually required to be presentin the visa office. If an applicant cannot come in person, he/she may entrust a relative, friend, or travel/visa agent to come and submit the application on his/her behalf. No appointment is necessary for visa applications. The Consulate does not accept visa applications by mail.

How to Avoid Rush Hours

1. Generally speaking, it is less crowded during the first hours of every working day, 9:00AM-10:30AM. Applicants are suggested to submit the applications as early as possible.
2. Applicants are suggested to avoid the following busy dates and the long queue:
1) All Sundays;
2) The first 1-2 days after the holidays.
3. The periods from March to April and from September to October are the busiest time for the Visa Office. One entry visas are generally valid for 3 months from the date of application and double-entry visas are generally valid for 6 months and multiple-entry visas are generally valid for more than 6 months. To save your time, please submit the application as early as possible according to your travel plan, but be sure of your visit date within the validity. We are not responsible for your getting a visa which expires before you visit.

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