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China Visa Information - Ghana

GHA - Flag

Population: 24,339,838
Area: 238,533 sq km
Ethnic groups: Akan, Mole-Dagbon, Ewe, Ga-Dangme, Guan, Gurma, Grusi, Mande-Busanga
Religions: Christian, Muslim, traditional
Languages: Asante, Ewe, Fante, Boron, Dagomba, Dangme, Dagarte, English (official)
Capital: Accra
Country Phone Code: +233
Currency: cedi
Visa Fee (USD)

Ghanaian Citizens
Single Entry: 40
Double Entry: 60
6-Month Multiple Entry: 80
12-Month Multiple Entry: 120

Other Country Passport
Single Entry: 35
Double Entry: 50
6-Month Multiple Entry: 65
12-Month Multiple Entry: 100

Hong Kong Visa: 30
Express Service: 20 (3 day service)
Rush Service: 30 (2 day service)

Notice for Visa Application

1 Visa holders can enter China only within the term of visa validity. Employment and student visa holders must register themselves with the Public Security Bureau within 30 days of entry.
2 Overstaying will constitute a violation of Chinese law. Prior permission must be obtained for stay extension.
3 Activities not in conformity with the visa type are prohibited.
4 Visa applicants providing forged document or false information will be denied and put on record.
5 Visa processing takes 4 working days.

Visa Application Form 2011A


Visa Application Form 2011B


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